CBC Challenges: Short Notice

Posted by Jeff Ngugi on

Last week was a rough one for us, we kept getting requests from parents from a local school about books that we didn't have in stock. 

There were about 30 titles as far as I could count that were needed, all within the span of one week. Some were from publishers that we hadn't even heard about.

We rushed some orders through to our suppliers but even they couldn't manage to secure the books in time.

The Parents were frustrated, the School was frustrated, the supplies were frustrated, we were frustrated. We couldn't find a way out, the time allotted was simply too small.

It seems that this is now going to be the usual trend seeing that the government will not address the issues raised due to CBC. If we are going to find solutions, it will be on our own.

So, some ideas for how we can help each other:

  1. If the school's can send in their requirements earlier, booksellers can source for them earlier
  2. Parents can also send in their specific requirements earlier too and we will be sure to try and meet their needs
  3. A quicker response time from the supplier can be achieved if information is shared well by all the stakeholders.
We will continue trying to meet all our clients needs as best as we can.